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Welcome to the MegaCraft Donation Shop 

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To purchase your donation package, select the tab above respective to your choice:

Ranks- Ranks function as a set of perks that are effective across all MegaCraft servers.

SkyBlock- Perks and Items that apply directly to MegaSB.

Prison- Perks and items that apply to the OP Prison server

Creative- Perks that apply to the MegaCreative server

Minigames- Coin Multipliers and Mega Crates for the MegaCraftGames server.

Unban/Unmute- If you have been banned or mute from MegaCraft, you can purchase an unban/unmute.

Purchases will be credited to your account within 1-5 minutes.

What do Donations Go Toward?

Before spending your money on a rank from MegaCraft, we believe you have the right to know exactly where your money is going. MegaCraft uses top-notch hardware to ensure that your experience is the best possible, and therefore server costs are quite high. We use all of the money received from donations to fund this high end hardware. Any money left will be used to fund server expansions and upgrades to further increase the quality of your experience on MegaCraft.

Why Donate to MegaCraft?

Donating to a game server is probably new to many, so this question has probably arisen. Why donate? Here are some answers:

1. Donations are for life. Unlike the majority of Minecraft servers, MegaCraft does not charge recurring fees for donation ranks. Our purchases are pay and forget, meaning pay once and never worry about it again.

2. MegaCraft is a constantly growing server and works to meet all of the players' wants and needs. As of now, we have the majority of features you could ask for as well as a bundle of new, MegaCraft exclusive ones. Your donation would allow us to continue funding projects that would in turn improve the overall quality of the server.

3. Donating to MegaCraft shows that you appreciate what we, the MegaCraft team, are doing to improve the Minecraft experience. All of the MegaCraft staff and owners seek to give you, the players, the best possible experience. Donating shows us as a team that you support MegaCraft and are interested in seeing it grow!

4. None of your information is disclosed to anyone. That includes MegaCraft staff, players, or third parties.